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North Texas Daily: Denton Juneteenth hosts genealogy workshop to help Black families discover their roots

Denton Juneteenth held a genealogy workshop at the American Legion Senior Center, in collaboration with FamilySearch, to assist African American families in tracing their ancestry. The workshop featured two sessions focusing on connecting participants to their ancestors and utilizing genealogical software for research.

Avemaria Griffin and professional genealogist Linda Jonas emphasized the significance of documenting family history, particularly for African Americans whose records were historically difficult to trace due to slavery and other disruptions.

Read the full story here by Ken Killingsworth of North Texas Daily.

Feature photo: Avemaria Griffin speaks with Stacie Briggs and Linda Jonas of FamilySearch Center following a presentation about genealogy on June 18, 2024. Photo by Maria Crane.

By Clairissa Cooper

Clairissa Cooper is a freelance marketing professional and photographer. For The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she serves as an Assistant Director of Communications – Media for the Dallas Coordinating Council.