Celebrate Easter with Free Holy Week Calendar and General Conference Broadcast

As we approach Easter, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in North Texas has created a calendar to help families experience Easter more meaningfully. The calendar briefly summarizes the events in Christ’s life each day of the week, His teachings, scripture verses, suggested activities, and ways to invite others to join in the conversation.

The week before Easter, also known as Holy Week, is a time to reflect on the life, sacrifice, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. By studying His life and teachings, we can deepen our understanding and appreciation of His love and the significance of His sacrifice for us.

Free Holy Week Calendar Download

Download the Holy Week calendar PDF. Calendar en Español.

General Conference Live Broadcast

To facilitate this reflection, all are invited to join the upcoming general conference on Saturday and Sunday, April 1-2, 2023. This broadcast features messages of hope and renewal from living prophets and apostles; all are welcome to participate.

By tuning in to the general conference, individuals can deepen their understanding of Jesus Christ, strengthen their personal relationships with the Savior, and experience the peace, hope, and joy that come through following Him. The conference provides a unique opportunity to hear from inspired leaders and gain insights on navigating life’s challenges with faith and confidence.

At ComeUntoChrist.org, where additional Easter resources and inspiration can be found, it states, “This Easter season, join us in celebrating the Savior’s Resurrection. No matter your story, come be part of a loving church community where we all try to be a little better, a little kinder, a little more helpful—because that’s what Jesus taught.”

Click the links to download the free Easter Holy Week Calendar PDF and tune into the general conference broadcast.

General Conference Schedule 

Saturday, April 1

11 a.m.  Saturday morning session*
3 p.m. Saturday afternoon session
7 p.m. Saturday evening session

Sunday, April 2

11 a.m. Sunday morning session
3 p.m. Sunday afternoon session

*Central Daylight Time

By Clairissa Cooper

Clairissa Cooper is a freelance marketing professional and photographer. For The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she serves as an Assistant Director – Media for the Dallas Coordinating Council and a marketing and media specialist for Community Life Help.