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Award-Winning Painter to Show at Local Festivals, Discusses Influence of Faith on His Art

David with one of his new paintings. Photo courtesy of Nicole McKnight.

David Del Solar, an emerging artist making waves in the Dallas/Fort Worth area will soon share his artwork with the wider community at two local art shows.. David’s journey into the realm of art began at the tender age of nine, when he enrolled in a formal art classes in his home country, Spain. Little did he know, it was just the first chapter of a lifelong passion.

Despite the lack of formal training, David’s love for art continued to blossom over the ensuing decades, and he continued to nurture his creative spirit and hone his talents. He’s a true explorer of the elemental, fascinated by the convergence of various components to birth something entirely novel. In the words of Henri Matisse, “Creativity takes courage,” a sentiment David embodies wholeheartedly.

David’s artistic journey took various paths; he wielded his creativity as a chef and navigated the realms of laboratory assistance and business building. However, in 2022, he made a pivotal decision to step away from the business world, recognizing a unique opportunity to pursue art professionally. With unwavering support from his wife, Uxua, David embarked on this new chapter with zeal, and has already garnered positive attention from the art community in Tarrant County and beyond.

David and his wife, Uxua. Photo courtesy of David Del Solar.

As David puts it, “I am just beginning. I have a lot to learn quickly. I believe in God, and I have faith that things come together. I want to use art to elevate people.” His faith in God and his family serve as the bedrock and wellspring of inspiration for his art. David and Uxua are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the light of Jesus Christ is very important to them. David brings light to people’s lives through painting, contrasting light with darkness and showing the many aspects of light depicted in art. “Influenced by my upbringing in Spain, the ever-shifting light of nature has always served as an eternal muse, challenging me to capture its ephemeral essence. Similarly, I am captivated by the myriad facets of human expression and strive to portray these fleeting moments in my work,” David says in his artist statement.

David and Uxua with their four children. Photo courtesy of David Del Solar.

David’s talents haven’t gone unnoticed. He is showcasing his art at two prestigious juried art shows: the Fort Worth Arts Festival from April 18th to 21st, and Art in the Square from April 26th to 28th. When asked about the rigorous jury process, David revealed that out of over 2,000 applicants vying for spots at the Fort Worth Arts Festival, only 200 are chosen to exhibit their pieces—an honor he deeply cherishes.

David with one of his paintings, in his home studio. Photo courtesy of Nicole McKnight.

Art has a transformative power, as aptly captured by Pablo Picasso’s words: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Similarly, James McNeill Whistler’s insight that “An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision” resonates deeply with David’s artistic philosophy.

In David’s own words, “I have embarked on this journey with boundless enthusiasm. Imagination and latent artistic skills have always resided within me, but now, I am devoted to exploring the depths of this long-neglected passion. My goal is clear: to see just how far the fusion of imagination and skill can take me on this artistic odyssey.”

Edward Hopper once remarked, “If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” This sentiment rings true, not just for painters, but for observers of art as well—the art speaks in a language that transcends words.

As David prepares to exhibit his creations at Art in the Square and the Fort Worth Arts Festival, the excitement in the air is palpable. It’s not just about showcasing art—it’s about sharing a piece of his soul with the world.

David with his First Place Award from the Keller’s Got Talent show, hosted by the City of Keller Public Arts Program in 2023.

You can follow David on Instagram @daviddelsolart.