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First-Time Authors Share Their Love for Temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Featured Image: Aaron and Julie Bujnowski, authors of Discovering Your Temple Insights. Photo by Rich Thrasher.

The early days of the COVID-19 shutdown in the spring of 2020 were not long ago, but as society has returned to normal rhythms and patterns, perhaps it has become easier to forget what it was like not to go to school, the grocery store, a sports event, or even to gather at church. As time stretches onward, we may not have much to show for our own role in those “unprecedented times” except the memories we carry, fond or otherwise. But Aaron and Julie Bujnowski of Frisco, Texas, have some tangible evidence of what they did together when they were missing their regular worship as temple-attending members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: they wrote a book.

The Bujnowskis began compiling their insights about, experiences of, and love for temple worship initially for their children, but as the page count grew, they realized it might be helpful for others also seeking to deepen their relationship with God. Neither Aaron nor Julie considers themselves professional writers or theological scholars. Aaron, a Georgia native, holds degrees in chemical engineering and business administration and is currently a healthcare consultant and a candidate for a doctorate in healthcare leadership; Julie, a breast cancer survivor, chose to stay home with their children while they grew and is now pursuing a business degree of her own.

“This [book] was meant to be just for our family,” says Julie. “It was something for our legacy, for our kids.” Aaron adds, “We don’t have any special training … but that, to us, is the beauty of the temple. Anybody can go there and learn for themselves and have a connection with their Savior.”

The Church of Jesus Christ currently has 315 temples in operation, under construction, or in planning stages across the globe. Members of the church ages 12 and older can attend worship sessions as they demonstrate their faith and desire to make sacred promises to follow the Savior.

The Bujnowskis felt guided by God in the ways they suggest to others how to increase their own personal knowledge of Jesus Christ through temple worship. Says Aaron, “It was written well above our capabilities…. It’s been very clear that the Lord wants us to emphasize His role at the center of the church and at the center of the gospel…. Jesus Christ is the center of the temple.”

Aaron says that he hopes what “the Lord gave us to write” brings readers closer to the Savior, that it will “be meaningful to someone else, [and] that they could find the Savior for themselves.” Indeed, “Life is hard,” Julie acknowledges. “More and more, we have to look for joy, find joy, choose joy in our lives, and joy comes directly from our Savior.”

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Kara Schofield, Prosper Stake Media Specialist

Kara Schofield lives with her husband, nearly grown youngest, and the family doodle in the Prosper Texas Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She can often be found at one keyboard or another: writing, documenting personal and family history, accompanying school choirs, and learning how to play jazz music. Her greatest joys are her four children and their spouses, a sizable extended family, pies, mountains, and Jesus Christ.