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Global Youth Service Day at EquiHope Therapy Farm

Pilot Point, Texas— partnered with EquiHope to celebrate Global Youth Service Day this April and generate a spirit of service and community among North Texas youth.

EquiHope, a therapeutic horseback riding farm in Pilot Point, was founded in 2022 by Brandon Clinton, who has more than 25 years of experience as a trainer in the horse world. EquiHope helps families from surrounding areas meet special physical and mental needs with horses since, like other animals, they have the power to soothe and comfort.

Left to right, Simon, Elicia, and Ben Durham.
Photo by Elicia Durham.

Elicia Durham and her two sons from Frisco decided to devote a day of their spring break vacation to cleaning the horse barn, sweeping out the aisles, disinfecting surfaces, and helping care for the horses.

To further highlight Global Youth Service Day, EquiHope will host another JustServe group project on Saturday, May 11. Over two hundred local youth will take to the horse farm to paint the metal fencing for the stables and pasture, finishing a task in one day that could take one or two people more than a week to complete. This project expresses gratitude to EquiHope staff and volunteers who have helped so many individuals and their families.

To join this project or find volunteer opportunities in your area, please visit JustServe.