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Keller Artist Presents Solo Show in Southlake

Brittany Scott’s show, entitled “The Invitation,” features sacred artwork based on scripture.

Keller artist Brittany Scott will present her religious artwork in a solo exhibition at White’s Chapel Methodist Church in Southlake starting Monday, October 2nd. The free exhibit, entitled “The Invitation,” featuring new work based on scriptural themes, is open to the public and will run through January 2024.

Formal invitation to the art show, along with the showcase image, “My Lord and My God.” Images courtesy of Brittany Scott.

A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and mother of five sons (soon to be six), Scott is relatively new to the genre of religious art, although she has been a professional artist for two decades with an impressive CV. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University and interned in New York with renowned portraitist Burton Silverman. With numerous museum exhibitions and group shows to her credit, Scott, with her husband, David, founded Inspired Arts League, a Non-Profit 501c3 organization, empowering a community of artists to come together and create art with story, emotion, and meaning to bring more hope into the world.

In 2018, after a profound experience during which she felt called to create sacred, figurative art, Brittany, who used to focus solely on landscape paintings, knew she needed to learn more about ancient scripture. She explains, “In June of 2019, I traveled to the Holy Land. It opened my perspective in so many ways and was a deeply spiritual trip for me. My fellow travelers and I spent time painting in the actual streets of Jerusalem, on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, and within — not only on the grounds of the sacred Garden Tomb — but actually within the tomb itself. Having the chance to not just tour but create in such sacred places touched my spirit in a powerful way. I observed the light and the colors, tasted the food, and talked with the people.”

She goes on to explain, “As an artist, you have to recreate an entire environment: costumes, time period, and culture. Painting in those spaces helped me find a richness in the scriptures that I had never experienced before. I also felt deeply inadequate to recreate such sacred moments from scripture in my paintings. I have been growing and learning since that trip, giving myself grace and space to fail and learn, but it has also been such a special time to refer back to what I experienced there and the color studies I created. I have also learned to rely on the Lord, knowing I cannot create the work He is placing within me without him. I truly believe these paintings are coming only as a co-creation with Him, and I hope they can inspire others to draw nearer to our Savior in ways that only art can invite.”

Brenda Wyatt, Gallery Curator at White’s Chapel, is looking forward to the show. “Brittany is exceptional in her talent and skill. ‘The Invitation’ is a show that will definitely move all who see it,” said Wyatt. “The artist tells us her spiritual inspiration for each painting, the Bible verses on which they’re based, and even guides us through her process. It is a ‘must see’ show that will awaken in viewers a deeper understanding and connection to the gospel through the eyes of an artist.”

Each painting’s story includes an invitation written by the artist. The showcase painting, for example, entitled “My Lord and My God,” depicts the moment recounted in John 20:24-29 when Thomas met the Resurrected Jesus Christ and felt the wounds in his hands. Brittany says, “To me, this story is an invitation to each of us to imagine the day when we will feel the prints in His hands and in His feet, and we will finally, truly know.

“This exhibition is my first attempt to better understand stories in the scriptures and the life of the Savior and what it means for my own life. Creating these pieces marks the beginning of a lifetime of searching and creating and is very humbling and exciting. I hope those who see the show will feel the power in these paintings.”

At the opening reception at 6:30 pm on October 7th, Brittany will be sharing stories about each painting. Brittany believes that storytelling is an important component of creating and sharing art. “Painting is more than an expression of emotion; it’s the unfolding of a story,” explained Brittany. “I found myself so entwined in the stories of the Savior’s life as I created these pieces and knew that my experience needed to be shared along with the images.

“I believe in the power of art to inspire and hold tightly to the belief that God wants us all to be creators. The most meaningful moments in my life have come through creation: family, connection, physically creating, and through experiencing the creations of others. I want to spend the rest of my life inspiring others to create and helping creation to facilitate awe and transcendence. These experiences bring hope and meaning to our lives.”

Brittany has also been featured on our podcast, Lone Star Latter-day Saint Voices, and in an episode of BYUTV’s Artful, linked here. You can read about her non-profit foundation, Inspired Arts League, here; visit Brittany’s website here; and follow her on Instagram.

The exhibit opens on October 1st and runs through January 2024. To see the free exhibit, visit the Gallery at White’s Chapel Methodist Church anytime the church is open. The entrance to the gallery is at the far right of the main complex, with an entrance under the portico. The church is located at 185 S. White Chapel Boulevard in Southlake, Texas. Hours are listed as Monday-Thursday 8-5, with similar hours listed for Friday-Sunday. All are welcome.

Painting of Mount Timpanogos (Utah). Image courtesy of Brittany Scott.