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Learning Safety Tips at Emergency Preparedness Fair

ARLINGTON — Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hosted their first community Emergency Preparedness Fair at a local meetinghouse in Arlington, and different groups set up booths to share information on solutions for local and home emergencies. 

Traci McGraw shares bandanas, whistles, and resources with attendees.(Ruth-Anne Speirs)

Pet Health

In the summer, it is especially important to stay cool, hydrated and informed about how to stay safe and healthy. It is also important to think about animals during the hot months. Their paws can burn while walking on cement or blacktop roads. They also need to be hydrated while in the heat. 

Kevin and Monica Johnson Share their Get Home Pack. (Ruth-Anne Speirs)

Get-Home Kit

Most people do not carry a 72-hour kit in their car because of the bulk. Having a smaller bag with enough items to get you home from work could be a more realistic option during catastrophic events. Suggested items include: headband; multitool knife; water; dry snacks; sealed hard candy; simple first-aid kit; lighter; poncho; emergency blanket; travel toothbrush/toothpaste; gloves; masks; small single bills of $20 or more; flashlight; toilet paper; and baby wipes. 

It is suggested that these items be placed in an inconspicuous bag such as Little Kitty or any other kid-friendly bag so others would not suspect their contents. 

Communication without Power

When the power is out many forms of communication are not available, but HAM radios run off of batteries. Those interested in learning more about HAM radios can join the Arlington Amateur Radio Club. The next meeting will be June 21, at 7 p.m. at the Arlington Resources Building, 501 West Sanford St in Arlington. Meetings are also streamed on Zoom for those who cannot come in person. A field day will also take place in June.

Calling for Help

If stranded, an individual can yell for help for an hour or two before they lose their voice. However, they can blow a whistle indefinitely to call for help. Whistles are also louder and more piercing than a yell. 

Staying Warm

For the cold months, the right supplies can help individuals stay warm and heat food. Some strategies for staying warm during a power outage include: emergency blankets; wood-burning stoves; hot water bottles; insulating windows and doors; layering clothing; heat packs; and emergency generators. 

Family Documents 

Important documents such as car titles; birth certificates; warranty deeds; and identification can be kept in a sealable emergency document bag.

Additional Information

For more information about emergency preparedness please visit Are You Ready? Guide | The Arlington Fire Department offers Community Emergency Response Team training twice a year for those 14 years and older.