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Texas Giving Machine Donations Bless DFW Lives

Light the World Giving Machines allow a person to purchase items like clothing, baby supplies, chickens & more for those in need.

During the Christmas season, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites people everywhere to Light the World by lifting and serving others in small and simple ways.

One unique, fun, and memorable aspect of the Light the World initiative is the popular Giving Machines. These customized vending machines allow the public to donate necessary products and services to those in need worldwide.

Imagine going to a vending machine and being able to purchase much-needed food, clothing, baby supplies, medicine, or chickens for a family in a developing country.​

This year, North Texas residents will have the chance to do just that. Visitors to the Giving Machine can provide an instant act of service by donating at special vending machines benefitting charities.  With a simple card swipe, individuals can purchase items for people in need both in North Texas and around the world. ​

Dallas-Fort Worth is one of 61 locations globally hosting the Giving Machine. The machine came from San Antonio and made it’s way across the North Texas region starting Dec. 5, 2023.


Sundance Square – Dec. 5-7

Grapevine – Dec. 9 – Dec. 17

McKinney – Dec. 19 – Jan. 1

Hours: Open 24/7 with volunteers available to assist from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Charities participating in the DFW #LightTheWorld Giving Machines include:

​Eight Local Charities:

Two Global Charities:

The #LightTheWorld Giving Machines, started in 2017, has raised more than $22 million in donations for local and global charities.

One hundred percent of every donation is given to the participating nonprofit organizations to purchase and deliver the donated item. This happens because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covers all Giving Machine operating costs.

Since 2017, the Light the World Giving Machines have raised more than US$22 million for local and global charities.

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Sharisa Lewis, DFW Communications Assist Director

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