Flower Mound, Lewisville

Church of Jesus Christ Welcomes Two New Congregations in North Texas

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is experiencing growth in the northern Dallas-Fort Worth area, especially in Lantana and Argyle. 

Two new congregations have recently been formed to accommodate this expansion. Members of the Church join local congregations, known as “wards,” based on boundaries that align with their area of residence. To ensure leaders can effectively meet the needs of their members, ward boundaries are sometimes realigned.

The new Argyle Ward encompasses parts of Argyle, Bartonville, and the far western region of Flower Mound. The formation of the Stone Creek Ward has restructured the four existing wards in Flower Mound into five, reflecting significant community growth.

Members of congregations in the Church of Jesus Christ, ranging from teachers to youth leaders and bishops, volunteer their time to serve in various church positions. They balance these commitments alongside their professional, personal, and family responsibilities. This makes maintaining manageable ward sizes crucial for effective operation.

Wards collectively form a “stake,” analogous to Catholic parishes within a diocese.

Stake President Lee Bird commented on the boundary adjustments: “Our boundary realignment was an inspired action to better meet the needs of the rising generation. It allows each member to enjoy the blessings of having a friend, a responsibility, and to be nurtured by the good word of God within a smaller, more inclusive church community.”

Bird presides over 12 congregations that make up the Lewisville Stake and meet in three meetinghouses across Flower Mound and Highland Village.

Two years ago, a Spanish-language congregation was established, which has also experienced significant growth.

Joni Jensen, who presides over the women’s group for the stake, stated, “I’ve always thought that change is just another word for opportunity. Our recent boundary realignment is just that: an opportunity to grow, to increase our circles, and to move the work forward in a more focused way.

“The guidance, prayers, and inspiration behind this decision indicate that the Lord wants us to move in this direction. When that happens, we can trust that great things are waiting for us in the future as we act in faith.”

The new Argyle ward bishopric is comprised of Bishop Hayden Orr, First Counselor Michael Alemany, and Second Counselor Jared Green.

Argyle ward bishopric left to right: Second Counselor Jared Green, Bishop Hayden Orr, First Counselor Michael Alemany.

The new Stone Creek bishopric is comprised of Bishop Brian Carroll, First Counselor Zach Lybbert, and Second Counselor Jeffrey Miller.

Stone Creek ward bishopric left to right: First Counselor Zach Lybbert, Bishop Brian Carroll, Second Counselor Jeffrey Miller.

The Lewisville Stake was formed in April 1981. Currently, the broader Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to 83,000 members of the Church, spread across 216 congregations and 77 meetinghouses.

Additional information about the Church or meeting times is available by visiting www.churchofjesuschrist.org.