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Frisco’s Faith Communities Gather in Celebration

The evening of May 8th, over a hundred people gathered at the Frisco Library for One Love: A Celebration of Unity, an event hosted by Frisco Interfaith Alliance in partnership with the Frisco Inclusion Committee.

Frisco is home to a vibrant collection of faith communities. Representatives from an array of denominations and religions joined together to celebrate the unifying force of faith; setting up table displays to invite dialogue with community members. Attendees were encouraged to shake hands and make connections with their fellow believers.

The Heritage High School Chamber Singers, directed by Christopher Rhodes, set the mood for unity and harmony with three angelic choral pieces. Their impressive performance crossed communication barriers and invited feelings of peace and reverence.

Several congregation leaders presented scripture or shared messages of faith and friendship, reflecting a commitment to expand understanding and mutual support despite this era of division. One shared these words by Poet Beth Strano, “We call each other towards love and truth. We have the right to start somewhere and continue to grow…Together we will work on it side by side.”

As part of the alliance, President Kris Katseanes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Frisco Stake, gave encouraging words of support reminding us that God loves all of his children. Several members of President Katseanes’ own Frisco Fourth congregation attended, including the youth.

It was a beautiful evening fostering community awareness, and a reminder that despite differences there is much we have in common: A shared commitment to faith, a desire for unity in diversity, and a mission to create stronger, better communities.

All photos courtesy Jo Layton.