Global Youth Service Day, JustServe, Prosper

Prosper Community Cleanup for Global Youth Service Day

Prosper, Texas  The Spring weather in North Texas was ideal for Global Youth Service Day projects, allowing this youth volunteer group to divide and conquer in community cleanup. Young men organized yard cleaning crews for residents who could use assistance, and young women took on a spring clean of the local church kitchen.

The boys laid new mulch for the flower beds to beautify the yards. Lawns were mowed and edged, weeds pulled, and leaves and clippings bagged up, leaving the front yards freshly manicured. These young men lightened a load of work from the shoulders of those in their community. 

At a nearby Prosper meetinghouse of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the young women from the same youth group gave the kitchen a good spring clean, disinfecting counters, sweeping floors, and washing the store of dishes and flatware kept in the cabinets for future use. They turned on music while cleaning and left notes of encouragement inside the drawers for the next people to use the kitchen’s resources.

Global Youth Service Day projects not only help youth look outside themselves to care for the community they live in, but through their examples, young people can strengthen and inspire the community itself. 

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